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Garntía de 10 añosTubes rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and restoration of tubes in the interior with epoxy
The INTRATUBO system has avoided many unnecessary costs to the home owner and the terrible experience of living with noise, destruction, disorder and all too often leaving their home, due to the use of an old method of pipe repairing.

Epoxy coating Application. The restoration process consists in the application of the epoxy coating on the pipe system. The epoxy coating material provides a seamless protective barrier on the inside of the pipes, which prevents permently the subsequent formation of corrosion.

Rehabilitation and restoration of tubes in the interior with epoxy

Total rehabilitation of the pipe using a hose
Through our system of reversion by air pressure and water steam polymerization pressure, we offer a lasting solution to your problems of deteriorated pipes, removal of infiltration and restoring structural integrity. Our product is uniquely designed and has the European approval to transport water and wastewater. This system allows us to rehabilitate pipes with different diameters ranging from DN 150 to 1800.

Partial Pipe Rehabilitation using Packers
This process is perfect for occasional repairs in the pipeline, such as gaskets in poor condition and occasional breaks of the pipes.
• The rehabilitated area improves the static and hydraulic characteristics of the piping.
• The materials used are specific for this application, resist the conditions of the drainage system and respect the environment.
• The usual length of the sleeves is about 50cm but you can install multiple consecutive sleeves for longer repairs.

Pipeline Inspection
As if you were inside the pipe but from the office and using only your PC mouse.

Modern equipment and adapted for each situation
We have the most complete fleet of cameras for you to have the best quality service. Thus we have 3D cameras, portable, sirius, EX marked.

Better and more detailed imaging quality
• Visual playback modes of the filming.
• Outlook, where the viewer can stop at any point in the pipeline to look forward or backward, making a full circle to inspect a joint, a zoom to see a crack better, etc.

A longer network inspected per day
The operator does not need to stop to record a joint or a crack. He just needs to move forward without worrying, all the details are perfectly recorded.

DN 150 to DN 800 Pipe Milling Robots
We work in any type of pipe material, including concrete and ceramic, we remove ribs, concrete blocks, roots and other obstructions.
Another characteristic application of these robots is the opening of the rush or lateral connections in the main lines that have previously been rehabilitated by using the total hose system.
Thanks to the powerful milling capacity of our robots and their robust design, we can easily perform these tasks with accuracy and speed.
With the help of the rotating colour camera fixed to the robot, the work can be controlled and documented through the monitor and the computer located inside the vehicle.

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