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Community boiler Evacuation kit

Sealed and open boilers fumes kit in community chimneys

It is designed to solve the problems in the evacuation of boilers products combustion. It can be installed in the exit of existing or new community SHUNTS by using an adapter.

It is very useful to solve the problem generated in the community SHUNT because its cost is not very high. So we could continue assembling natural tower boilers without having to locate them in the ventilation patio or façade.
As the HOGARTEC Kit generates a depression within the tube, if this was not airtight, the fumes would be absorbed and they would guarantee security, instead of entering in the houses due to lack of draught or reversal of gas.

This could solve the problem of connecting airtight boilers to SHUNTS where also sealed and open boilers were connected (which is currently forbidden in compliance with rule 60670).

When the engine is not running the exit of fumes is not obstructed and it only works when necessary, or continuous. Since this option is available, HOGARTEC recommends that it is always on during the winter period and in automatic position at night. In the summer period, it should always be in the automatic position.

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