soDer. Concepts and solutions for ventilation


SoDer gives you the following solutions ...

Vento Pipes fitted between slabs, on scaffolding and vertical assembled.
Covall Open and sealed combustion boiler Kit for fume evacuation in collective chimneys.
furandos Rehabilitation of home fireplaces and cookers chimneys hoses, SV-EI 30 and tubes up to 1000º.
controlair Experts in hygiene, cleaning and of pipes using robots.
controlair Manufacturers of special pipes for ventilation of kitchens, ovens and wood or charcoal barbeques in compliance with the EC regulations, Rite fire test and the fire resistance ventilation system SV-EI30.
Distrai Rehabilitation and restoration of tubes indoors with epoxy, Total Rehabilitation of the pipe using a hose, Partial pipes rehabilitation using Packers, pipeline Inspection, Ecospai. Repairing system for fireplaces.

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